How to create a TRON (TRX) Wallet

How to create a Tron (TRC20) Wallet

Step 1: On the home screen of Coin98 Mobile Wallet, click Add Wallet

Step 2: Choose Tron Icon then select Create Wallet

Step 3: Enter your wallet name and select Confirm

Step 4:

  • Store the Passphrase and Private Key, then copy and paste Passphrase or Private Key to the Confirmation box.

  • Tick to confirm that you have saved the Passphrase and Private Key and then select Done.

  • Select Manage on the homepage to check your wallet.


  • With Tron wallet, you can receive, send, and store TRX, TRC-20 token.

  • Passphrase and Private Key: users must save these two pieces of information and carefully store them. Remember to not show anyone this information or else your account is in danger of being hacked.

How to receive TRX Token

Step 1: Choose TRX on the home screen

Step 2: Copy the TRON address or choose Receive → Copy the address or use the QR code to scan

Step 3: Send TRX or TRC-20 Token to the address copied in step 2

How to send TRX Token

Step 1: Choose TRX on the home screen then choose Send

Step 2: Enter the information

  • Amount: Amount of TRX or TRC-20 Token you want to send

  • Recipient: Enter the recipient address

  • Confirm info: If the recipient uses Coin98 Wallet, his name will appear here

  • Message: Optional

Step 3: Slide Send to complete the transaction

Note: Save a decent amount of TRX as transaction fees because if the amount of TRX is not enough, the transaction will fail.