How to create a Bitcoin (BTC) Wallet

How to create a Bitcoin wallet

Step 1: Choose Add Wallet

Step 2: Choose Bitcoin icon then select Create Wallet

Step 3: Name your wallet then select Legacy Address → Create

There are two types of Bitcoin address:

  • Legacy address: Starts with number “1”, for instance, “1A1Zc0dA…”, used by Exchanges.

  • Bech32 address: Starts with “bc1”, for instance, “bc1zahd…”, used by Trust Wallet.

If you usually trade between Exchanges, Legacy address is recommended. And you can also send Bitcoin from your Legacy address to your Bech32 address.

On the contrary, Bech32 address is more convenient when using wallet apps, very few Exchanges support this type of address.

Step 4: Copy your passphrase or private key and paste it in the Confirmation box, tick “I understand…

Step 5: Finish creating your Bitcoin wallet

How to receive Bitcoin (BTC)

Step 1: Choose BTC Wallet on the home screen

Step 2: Copy the BTC address or choose Receive → Copy the address or use the QR code to scan

Step 3: Send Bitcoin (BTC) to the copied address in step 2

How to send Bitcoin (BTC)

Step 1: Choose BTC Wallet on the home screen → Choose Send

Step 2: Enter the information

  • Amount

  • Recipient

  • Confirm info

  • Message: Optional

Step 3: Slide Send to complete the transaction

Note: Users should not send all of the Bitcoin, instead save a decent amount of Bitcoin to use as a transaction fee.