How to send tokens to multiple addresses in a single transaction

In this guide, we will use ETH & ERC20 token as example

Step 1: Select ETH wallet

Step 2: Select Multi

Step 3: You can send tokens to multiple wallets and choose the amount with the following syntax: wallet address? amount, wallet address? amount

For example:

0xbe80ceed72e1798c631fcd92f611367abd7f836f? 0.5,

0x52c12e10f181f801324ed3c3cd6d17f58a93e6b8? 1,

0x5a7b52cf2f59d072aa38dee1107612ad656e048e? 0.75

Click Send to finish

Note: You can adjust the fee in ''Confirm Transaction'' pop-up window to match your needs. This function is unique and helps users fully optimize their rates.

The order is being processed and once completed, will be displayed in Coin98 Extension Wallet. You can use Etherscan to check as shown above.