How to connect Coin98 Wallet Extension with Luna DEX

If you haven’t installed Coin98 Extension Wallet yet, read these instructions to install and set up a password for Coin98 Extension Wallet:

How to install Coin98 Extension Wallet for Google Chrome

How to install Coin98 Extension for Firefox

How to create a password on Coin98 Extension Wallet

After you successfully install Coin98 Extension Wallet, you can start to connect the extension with LunaDEX

Step 1: Visit Select Connect Wallet on the right corner of homepage

Step 2: Select Extension in Connect Wallet area

Step 3: Select Confirm to unlock your wallet

Step 4: Enter your text password or matrix password to unlock Coin98 Extension Wallet

Step 5: Select Connect to allow LunaDEX to access your Coin98 Extension Wallet. Shortly, you can start trade on LunaDEX after the connection.