How to trade SerumSwap on Coin98 Wallet

With Serum DEX integration into Coin98 Mobile Wallet, you can trade various coins and tokens herein the App.

SOL wallet and SPL token wallet mechanism

Solana blockchain generates 2 types of wallet: SOL wallet and SPL token wallet.

  • SOL wallet is the parent wallet and created free of charge like other wallets on Coin98 Wallet.

  • SPL tokens, such as USDT SPL, SRM SPL, FRONT SPL, are sub-wallets of the SOL parent wallet. To create such sub-wallets, you need to pay a small fee to update the contract

    • Current fee: 0.0021 SOL/SPL token wallet

  • Different SPL tokens have different wallets.

Functionalities on trade screen

To have access to trade screen, you select SWAP at the bottom of the home screen.

  • No 1: DEXs collection

  • No 2: Change trading SOL wallet. The selected wallet is currently the active wallet by default.

  • No 3: Trade history

  • No 4: Balance of each coin/token in the trading pair. When you select this balance, you can see that coin/token wallet address. If that SPL token wallet hasn't been created, Coin98 Wallet will redirect you to the wallet creating step.

  • No 5, 6: Swap coin/token

  • No 7: Enter the amount of coin/token for the transaction

  • No 8: Quick enter the amount of token for the transaction by percent. (25%-100%)

  • No 9: Swap

  • No 10: Information about the transaction

How to trade on Coin98 Wallet:

We will take SRM/USDC trading pair as an example.

Step 1: Install and create a Coin98 Wallet account

- iOS:

- Android:

Step 2: Create an SOL Wallet

Read more:

How to create a new wallet ( remember to choose Solana blockchain icon in step 2)

Step 3: Deposit SOL (SOL is used for creating SPL token wallet)

Step 4: Create SPL Token wallet

For example, you will create USDC SPL wallet if you want to swap SRM to USDC

Step 5: Send SRM SPL token to the wallet selecting "Receive" and search for SRM , then copy the address

Step 6: Start trading

5.1: Choose SWAP

5.2: Select trading pair

5.3: Enter the number of tokens/coins for transaction

5.4: Select Swap

5.5: Shortly, you will see the change in the balance of SRM and USDC. The transaction will be done within few seconds.


  • Currently, spot trading processes will be made at the highest market price.

  • Transaction fee: 0.1% - 0.22%.