How to restore your ERC20 tokens from TomoChain wallet

Why may you accidentally send your ERC20 tokens to TomoChain wallet address?

The beginning of TomoChain and Ethereum wallet addresses is the same (0x). Therefore, some users may accidentally send ERC20 tokens to a TomoChain wallet address instead of an ERC20 wallet address.

Why can you restore ERC20 tokens from a TomoChain wallet to an ERC20 wallet?

The encryption of both blockchains is similar to each other. So the same private key can generate the same wallet address in each blockchain. If you use Passphrase, different blockchains will generate different wallet addresses.

How to restore your ERC20 tokens from the TomoChain wallet.

Step 1: Copy the private key of the TomoChain wallet to which you accidentally send ERC20 tokens.

In case you forget your TomoChain private key, follow these steps:

1.1: Select Manage on the home screen

1.2: Select the TomoChain wallet you sent the ERC20 tokens to.

1.3: Choose show key info and copy the private key

Step 2: Restore the ERC20 wallet

2.1: Select Add wallet on the home screen;

2.2: Choose Euthereum blockchain, then select Restore Wallet;

2.3: Enter the Private Key and Wallet Name (enter any names). Then, click Connect.

2.4: The Wallet emerges on the restore list, choose it and click Restore

2.5: Select Manage on the home screen to check the wallet you restored. If it is inactive, set it active and check whether your ERC20 tokens in the wallet.

If don't know how to set the wallet active, click here