How to create a KIN (ERC-20 Token) wallet

Kin is the cryptocurrency that powers an ecosystem of consumer apps. Kin has been one of the most used cryptocurrencies by mainstream consumers with more than 2.5 million people earning and spending Kin every month across dozens of apps. To learn more about Kin you can visit

Step 1: Create an ERC20 wallet.

1.1: Open Coin98 Wallet App and click Add wallet on the home screen.

1.2: Choose Ethereum icon, then Select Create Wallet.

1.3: Enter your wallet name, then select Create.


  • Store the Passphrase and Private Key, then copy and paste Passphrase or Private Key to the Confirmation box.

  • Tick to confirm that you have saved the Passphrase and Private Key and then select Done.

Step 2: Receive KIN ERC20;

2.1: Select Receive on the home screen;

2.2: Search for "KIN" and Select the download icon next to KIN ERC20 ;

2.3: Choose one of three ways to copy the wallet address:

  • Click the copy icon next to the wallet address;

  • Click on the QR code;

  • Directly scan the QR code to get the wallet address;

2.4: Transfer KIN ERC20 to the address you just copied.


  • If you already have an existing KIN wallet, you can restore it on Coin98 Mobile Wallet by following the steps here.

  • There are 2 types of KIN token that Coin98 Wallet supports: ERC-20 and SPL. In this guide, we take the KIN ERC-20 wallet as an example. Please make sure you always get the correct address for deposit or send KIN tokens.